Air & Ground Source
Heat Pumps based in Kent

Ground and air source heat pumps

Total Electrical Solutions works alongside the UK’s only manufacturer of a full range of ground source heat pumps capable of handling space heating and domestic hot water production. We also have good working relationships with established reputable manufacturers/suppliers of air source heat pumps.You can be sure of much experience and expertise to help with your project.

Heat pumps extract solar energy stored in the ground/water or in the air and convert this to a higher temperature for use in a building’s heating distribution system.

Total Electrical Solutions seek to offer straightforward and honest guidance including whether a heat pump is right for you, all systems should be fit by an MCS registered installer to ensure you receive an honest explanation and your full financial incentive.

Financial incentives are currently composed of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment.

From Spring 2014 the Renewable Heat Incentive will provide generous financial incentives, please read more on the right.

We use the best products at the best prices to benefit our customers, see the equipment used.

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