Renewable Equipment used

We aim to provide enough options to meet everyone’s needs, but not so many that the choice becomes a complicated one. We use our expertise to recommend the correct system components for your individual system and budget.

Solar PV


We offer a choice of best-selling panels from manufacturers we know and trust. They range from value-for-money panels to help you maximise returns, to high-efficiency modules that will make the most of every square inch of roof space.

Unrivalled technology and efficiency

US-based SunPower is the global leader in PV design and manufacture. Their panels are used by business and technology leaders and governmental agencies the world over and can typically generate 30% more energy than conventional solar panels. The SunPower E20 is the most efficient panel on the market today, and is ideal for those wanting to generate the highest output with limited space.

New warranty: SunPower recently announced new warranties on their solar panels. SunPower are now offering an 87% power output after 25 years, and a 25 year product warranty.

SunPower E20

  • The most efficient panel you can buy
  • Superior light capture for high performance in all light conditions
  • SunPower’s own MaxeonTM cell technology gives efficiencies of up to 20.4%
  • Performance increases in higher temperatures
  • Only available through approved suppliers

Sunpower E20 327W datasheet




Inverters convert the direct current (DC) from the solar panels into alternating current (AC) to use. A good-quality inverter will have a higher efficiency, so you’ll be making the most of the electricity your panels produce. We always match the inverter model to the system size so it’s compatible. Warranties can be easily extended ask us how.
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Monitoring systems are an optional extra, giving real-time information on the energy you’re generating. They range from small handheld devices to more advanced web-based systems.

Immersion Switches/Immersion optimization (EMMA)

Immersion switches allow you to use the excess energy produced by your solar PV system to heat your home and lower your heating bills. When installed alongside a solar PV system they have an amazing payback of between 3 – 5 years, and can save anything up to £150 per year in ideal circumstances.

Voltage optimisation

Voltage optimisation controls the voltage received by your home so you you’re not paying extra for excess electricity. Voltage can vary between 216V to 253V so, depending on the exact grid voltage where you live, the technology could save you up to 10% on your electricity bills by lowering the voltage to an optimal level.



We offer a full range of ground source heat pumps and air source heat pumps capable of handling space heating and domestic hot water production, along with the correct heating options to optimise your system; you can be sure of much experience and expertise to help with your project.

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