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Compliance Packages for Commercial Properties

We offer a wide range of electrical compliance services, many of which you will be required by law to undertake to ensure a safe working environment for you and your employees.

We understand that these obligations can be very time consuming and difficult to manage especially when dealing with multiple contractors.

In the worse cases these obligations can be overlooked entirely and leave you and your company liable should a fire or accident occur. It is also worth noting that your insurance both property and liability could be invalid should your testing obligations not be met.

With so many testing requirements placed on businesses both big and small we have put together a testing package which will enable you to meet all your obligations with one contractor.

Our services include:

Fire Alarm

Weekly, Monthly, Annual Testing. We will assess and set up a fire alarm maintenance and testing schedule to ensure your fire alarm system is correct and operational.

Emergency Lighting

We will ensure you have the correct emergency lighting in place and ensure it is tested and compliant at the correct intervals.

Fixed Wire Testing

We will test 100% of your electrical system to ensure your installation is safe for use and complies with the latest electrical regulations.  We will then set up an annual testing schedule to ensure your legal and insurance obligations are met.

PAT Testing

All portable electrical appliances in the workplace should be PAT tested to ensure safe continued use. These tests should be completed on an annual basis.

Re-active breakdown service

We operate a re-active breakdown service to all commercial and industrial customers. We will guarantee to attend site within 4 hours of the first call. Failure to attend will result in a 50% cost reduction on labour charge.

We will be happy to set up a meeting and assess your company maintenance and legal testing requirements and set up a tailor made service agreement to ensure all obligations are met.
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Total Compliance

We can create a comprehensive and bespoke testing & inspecting schedule for your business.

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